Ballad Tree

Alison McMorland and
Geordie McIntyre
with Kirsty Potts

The Tradition Bearers (2003)
  1. The Wife of Ushers Well
  2. Lamkin
  3. The Two Brothers
  4. May Colvin
  5. Braes o' Yarrow
  6. Lover's Ghost
  7. The Wee Toon Clerk
  8. Tam Lin
  9. Clerk Saunders
  10. The Daemon Lover
  11. King Orfeo
also featuring:
Rob MacKillop (Lute), Bill Taylor (Psaltery, Bray Harp) and Steve Sutcliffe (Concertina)
The traditional ballads of the classic form have been decribed by some scholars, but not singers, as the aristocrats of folk song.

In 1950 the American ballad scholar Evelyn Wells wrote with remarkable insight and bouyant optimism. "The ballad tree, rooted in the past, living today will send forth its branches into tomorrow"

We have included a select bibliography, full texts, glossary and notes. As indicated in these notes, we are indebted to the song carriers, past and present, who have nourished the carrying-stream of what surely is the democratic muse. -