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Where Ravens Reel

White Wings

Ballad Tree

Rowan in
the Rock

Cloudberry Day

Although essentially solo performers, Alison and Geordie have developed a joint repertoire based on a fine sense of personal harmony.

"A stunning display of how powerful tradition bearers can be presenting the experiences of people and the rich mythology of Scotland with a skill and unadorned passion for their cause."



Alison's close working relationship with Elizabeth Stewart, (one of Scotlandís foremost ballad singers), culminated in the publication in July 2012 of 'Up Yon Wide and Lonely Glen', a substantial collection of travellers songs, stories and tunes of the Fetterangus Stewarts.

The book was shortlisted for the prestigious Ratcliffe Folklore Prize in 2014 and, as we write this in 2017, Alison has been given a 'Special Commendation Award'.

The annual Ratcliffe Prize is given in recognition -"to an individual to the study of Folklore or Folklife in Great Britain and Ireland".

In 2007, Alison's earlier book on the songs and lifestory on the Border shepherd Willie Scott, entitled Herd Laddie O The Glen was also shortlisted for the Ratcliffe Prize.

Geordie was profiled in the Jan 2006 Scots Magazine article 'Deep Roots'.

Visitors to Historic Scotland's Smailholm Tower (by St Boswells) will hear Geordie and Alison's ballad soundtrack and story of Sir Walter Scott, with narration by Billy Riddoch.

Alison McMorland

Alison was born in Renfrewshire into a musical family. Since then she has enjoyed a long involvement in traditional music on various levels: singer, collector, broadcaster, author and tutor on the Scottish Music course at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow.

Alison came to wider public notice in the 1970s through her recordings and published song collections having come, initially, under the inspirational guidance of the late Hamish Henderson. In working closely with and learning from traditional singers,such as Willie Scott and Lucy Stewart, he was to say of her 'Alison stands out as one of the principal modern interpreters of a ballad singing tradition... uniting scrupulous traditional fidelity with versatile creative and resourceful artistry'.

Since 2001 she has recorded a solo album 'Cloudberry Day' followed by and in partnership with Geordie McIntyre 'Rowan in the Rock', 'Ballad Tree, classic Scots ballads' and most recently the highly acclaimed 'White Wings'.

Alison particularly enjoys working with young singers and introducing them to the rich Scots song tradition.

Geordie McIntyre

A Glaswegian of Highland and Irish descent, his lifetime involvement in song, ballad and poetry is reflected in his singing, collecting and songwriting.

His early years as a radio and television technician and later as a Modern Studies teacher, coupled to his passion for the outdoors have in diverse ways fueled and complemented his central interest in folk music.

He has an extensive repertoire and has sung at clubs and festivals in most corners of Britain and Ireland as well as Italy and the USA.

Geordie has also produced the book 'Inveroran', a collection of 22 original songs with music in the traditional idiom. Many have already been recorded by Geordie as well as other artists.

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